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Fun Fact June 16, 2020

16 June 2020

Have you ever been flaggergasted?  Well, maybe you were but didn’t realize that’s what it was.  It seems that the word was first mentioned in print in 1772 in  the Annual Register as a new and fashionable form of slang. Possibly an unknown genus combined two words, flabber and aghast to describe the feeling of frustration and awe.  Where flabber comes from is a bit of a mystery, possibly coming from flabby, suggesting that someone may be so surprised that they shake like jelly.  Or it could also be from the Dutch, flabben, which means to be hit, maybe in the stomach which would take your breath away. The word may have it’s origins in the Suffolk dialect found in some early 19th century writings.  Like so many of the words we’re familiar with, the exact etymology of the word is rather vague.

Fun Fact June 16, 2020