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Fun Fact June 22, 2020.

22 June 2020

On this date, June 22,in 1944, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, better known as The G. I. Bill.  The G. I. Bill was created to compensate returning service men and women from World War II.

The American Legion successfully fought for many of the provisions which included giving returning servicemen access to unemployment compensation, low-interest home and business loans, and–most importantly–funding for education.  The G.I. Bill transformed higher education in America. Before the war, college had been an option for only 10-15 percent of young Americans, and university campuses had become known as a haven for the most privileged.  By 1947, in contrast, vets made up half of the nation’s college enrollment; three years later, nearly 500,000 Americans graduated from college, compared with 160,000 in 1939.

Fun Fact June 22, 2020.