Tool time Tuesday and today another new addition to my collection.  Ok, well it’s “new” to me.  The other day, on my way to work, I found a pair of pliers on the road.  If it’s safe, I will typically stop and pick things up off the road.  One, so it won’t cause damage or an accident and two it might be something that I can’t live without!  Case in point, my recent find.  A pair of Fence pliers.  I remember using a similar tool working on the farm with my uncle George.  Fence pliers are usually around ten inches long, weigh between a pound and pound and a half.  Typically made of hardened steel and some have cushioned grips.  The ones I remember from the farm didn’t, my new find does.  In addition to the grip, you’ll find a striking area, a curved claw, the pincer jaws, and not one, but two different wire cutters.  As you can guess,  this is a multipurpose tool.  You can drive or remove fence staples, as well as cut, twist, crimp and tension wire.  Invented in 1905 by Hubert Wright, I don’t know if he was related to the Wright brothers or not, but he was just as brilliant.  The fencing pliers is a one-stop fencing tool and now I have a pair in my connection, and the price was right!

Fun Fact June 29, 2021.