Tool time Tuesday and I’m going to pump you up.  I finally got my new tire for my tractor and was able to get it back together over the weekend.  One of the tools I used was an air compressor.  According to America Sullair dot com, in 1762 John Smeaton, the first professional engineer, designed a water wheel-driven blowing cylinder that slowly replaced the bellows. In 1776 John Wilkinson, an English inventor, introduced a more efficient blasting machine that could produce high amounts of air pressure.  This became an early prototype for all mechanical compressors. In 1829 the first compound air compressor, a device that compressed air in successive cylinders, was patented.  An early application of compressed air was the digging of the Mount Cenis Tunnel in the Swiss Alps. The tunnel began with workers drilling by hand, clearing 9 inches a day. But in 1862, four years after the project began, compressed air was introduced to the compressed-air drills, and the project was then completed in just 14 years, twice as fast as expected.  I just used my air compressor to pump up a tractor tire.  Listen to the podcast here;

Fun Fact March 1, 2022.