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Fun Fact March 10, 2021.

10 March 2021

Do you consider yourself a whippersnapper?  Whenever I say that word I hear it in an old cowboy voice for some reason.  Whippersnapper.  According to Fluentu dot com the word Nothing to do with whips or snaps. This term is a little bit old-fashioned today, it’ll certainly make people smile if you use it. It’s been part of the English language since the 17th century and is a mixture of two terms. Whipper referred to a lazy person who had no ambitions. Snapper is a term used for young people who lived on the street and did bad things, like stealing and tricking people.  The meaning has changed over the years, and today it’s used for a young person who’s too confident and perhaps a little cheeky.  You might describe an inquisitive child who just can’t stop questioning and correcting their parents a whippersnapper.

Fun Fact March 10, 2021.