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  • Fun Fact March 12, 2021.

Fun Fact March 12, 2021.

12 March 2021

A fun fact today about the “Sand Swimmer.”  According to A Z Animals dot com the Pink Fairy Armadillo is the smallest know species of armadillo. It lives in the sandy plains and dry grasslands of central Argentina and other parts of South America. Unique adaptations like an aerodynamic body shape, smooth dorsal shell, and sharp claws mean this tiny creature is able to completely bury itself in sand in a matter of seconds and then navigate underground with ease. Similar to a mole, the pink fairy armadillo will spend the vast majority of its life underground. It is also nocturnal, only emerging occasionally at night to find food.  The Pink Fairy Armadillo grows to about 13 centimetres, or about five inches long.

Fun Fact March 12, 2021.