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Fun Fact March 16, 2021.

16 March 2021

Tool time Tuesday!  Spring is just around the corner, the season that is, but what about the bouncy thing Tiggers have in their tails, you know their heads are made of rubber and their tails are made of a spring?  What about that spring?  Spring technology has been around for a very long time.  Consider the bow and arrow.  The bow uses a spring technology to propel the arrow.  There are lots of different types of springs, but when most of us hear spring we think of the coiled variety.  According to the website Simply Springs the First Coiled Spring wasn’t introduced until 1763 by R. Tradwell.  It was a British patent, number 792 and considered a big step up from the leaf spring which had to be lubricated often and was quite squeaky.  Looks like the Brits were the first to spring ahead!

Fun Fact March 16, 2021.