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Fun Fact March 18, 2020

18 March 2020

Fit as a Fiddle.  Why is that particular musical instrument used to convey the fact that you are feeling fine?  As with most of these types of sayings, the exact origins is not known.  Some speculate that the phrase may have come from the fact that a musical instrument, like a violin, or fiddle, is particularly hard to care for an keep in good playing condition. Therefore, if someone is fit as a fiddle they are in great shape and ready for anything.  There are a couple of literary references.  One in 1603 from The Batchelars Banquet by Thomas Dekker where he wrote; “Then comes downe mistresse Nurse as fine as a farthing fiddle, in her petticoate and kertle.”  Another reference is found in 1616, from W. Haughton’s English-men for my Money, which includes: “This is excellent ynfayth [in faith], as fit as a fiddle.”  It could also be the alliteration of the letter F, fit and fiddle.  You’ve got to admit that fit as a fiddle sounds better than fit as a violin, grand as a piano or Okay as a ukulele.  People might looks at you strange if you said you were as sassy as a sitar.

Fun Fact March 18, 2020