Tool time Tuesday and today we’re cleaning up the yard.  This past Saturday was a perfect day to start cleaning up the flowerbeds and the yard, which is exactly what happened at the Hill house.  One tool I used was a rake.  First mentioned in 1,100 BC China, rakes have changed a lot in the past centuries.  In 1874, a U.S. patent was given to a rake design that was something like a dustpan and metal broom combined.  Modern designs began to take hold around the 1920s, and since then there’s been a great deal of advancement in materials.  I used a leaf rake, but there are also garden rakes, shrub rakes, thatch rakes, leaf scoop rakes, hand, lake and roof rakes.  Why would you need more than a couple rakes hanging in your shed?  Well, according to Lawn smarter dot com, Having the right rakes in your arsenal not only makes for more beautiful yards and gardens, but it also makes the job more enjoyable.  No one wants to eat spaghetti with a shrimp fork.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’d try that shrimp fork thing if it meant I didn’t have to rake my yard.  Listen to the podcast here;