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  • Fun Fact March 23, 2021.

Fun Fact March 23, 2021.

23 March 2021

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re going to make sure we have the correct angle.   I’ve been building my wife a greenhouse over the last couple of weekends.  The project has some none traditional angles, in other words, not a 45, or even 22 and a half.  Luckily I have a tool in my collection to handle this situation.  It’s called a sliding T-Bevel.  You may have heard it referred to as a false square or bevel gauge.  It has a wooden or plastic handle and a slotted metal blade attached at a pivot point.  This allows you to determine any angle relative to the handle.  Once you’ve got the angle, simply tighten the wing nut at the pivot point and transfer the angle to the piece you need to cut.  You can use it in conjunction with a straight edge or long level.  If you need to know the angle, say to set up a miter saw, you can measure it using a protractor or framing square.  A handy dandy tool to have in your collection. 

Fun Fact March 23, 2021.