You best red it up!  I haven’t heard or used this phrase in years but as soon as I read it I had flashbacks to my youth.  When I was growing up in Pennsylvania I often heard this phrase when I was at my friend Harry’s house.  His mom would say “red this up before you leave.”  No, it doesn’t mean grab a can of red paint.  It means “clean it up.”  According the Map Quest dot com, it’s descended from the verb “to ready up,” which means to make a room ready for a guest or to set the table for a meal.  It might be related to other archaic uses like “ready the cannons.” The Pennsylvania Dutch introduced that particular idiom to English in the Keystone state. In the modern day, “ready” has been changed to “red,” even though the phrase still means the same.  If you’re ever visiting PA, especially Amish country, don’t be surprised if you hear this phrase; red it up.  Listen to the podcast here;