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  • Fun Fact March 26, 2021.

Fun Fact March 26, 2021.

26 March 2021

What’s purple, has pointy teeth, a distinctively long and flat snout and generally looks creepy?  The Goblin Shark.  Sometimes called a vampire shark because it doesn’t like light and prefers living deep in the sea. Although it looks very freaky, it’s not as scary as it seems. This shark is absolutely not interested in people and mainly eats fish, crabs, and mollusks. And, unlike other sharks, this one is a pretty bad swimmer.  As a matter of fact, scientist believe this particular shark is very lethargic due to it’s flabby body and small fins. The Goblin Shark can grow to be between ten and thirteen feet long.  Not much else is known about this deep sea creature since there have been few studies on living specimens. 

Fun Fact March 26, 2021.