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Fun Fact March 29, 2021.

29 March 2021

This is a very important day, at least to me.  A person was born on this date that had a direct impact on my life.  As a matter of fact, with out him I wouldn’t be here.  Walter T. Hill was born on this date in 1916.  Walter was my dad.  He was a farmer, truck driver, maintenance man and security guard, to name a few of his jobs.  It didn’t matter what hat he wore, he was always my dad.  He taught me to be honest, fess up to your mistakes, treat people with respect and say grace before you eat.  He took me squirrel hunting and fishing for rainbow trout.  He often took the family on Sunday drives, just to see what was on the back roads and to see if he could get us home without passing an ice cream stand.  He took me to task for my miscues and he took me to church and Sunday school.  I think I inherited my love of tinkering from him, unfortunately I also inherited a propensity for a messy work bench.  He’s been with the Lord for 17 years now and I think about him often.  Happy birthday, Dad.

Fun Fact March 29, 2021.