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Fun Fact March 30, 2021.

30 March 2021

Tool time Tuesday.  Every tire, or inner tube, has a Schrader Valve, also known as an American Valve.  The valve was invented in 1891 and patented in 1893 by August Schrader.  The valve system consists of a valve stem in which a valve core is threaded into.  The valve itself is a spring loaded poppet valve that seals the valve stem with a rubber washer, keeping the air or, in some cases, liquid in the tire or tube.  You need a special valve core tool to remove and replace a faulty Schrader valve.  I have a couple of these tools, but if you heard my Fun Fact yesterday, you know that I am blessed with messy work bench and tool box.  Over the weekend I needed a core removal tool, but could not find one.  Instead of running into town to buy another one, I made my own with an old broker nut driver.  Why did I have a broken nut driver in my tool box?  Because I knew someday it would come in handy, and I was right, at least this time.

Fun Fact March 30, 2021.