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Fun Fact March 31, 2020.

31 March 2020

Some outhouse education for today.  With all the hoopla around toilet paper, or lack thereof, I decided to give you a little outhouse knowledge.  Long ago, in days of old, before toilet paper was invented, the folks at home used various things and seemed to be just as contented!  What did they use?  According the The Old Farmers Almanac they used corn cobs, corn husks, newspapers, old catalogs and yes, even the almanac itself.  The hole in the corner of the almanac was so it could be hung in the outhouse to prevent rodents from chewing it up.  Most outhouses have a crescent moon cut in the door.  That hole was to let in a little light, but it was also to identify who could use it.  If the outhouse was in a public place, like a church or near a store, the moon meant it was for ladies only.  Now if there was a moon and stars, that was for the gents.  One last thing; the holes.  Most outhouses were two holers.  One hole was small and one a bit larger.  The smaller hole was for children while the larger is for adults.  I remember a sign on the door of an outhouse on my uncle’s farm.  It read, “if nature knocks at either door, be prompt don’t try to bluff her for if you do, I’m telling you, by golly you will suffer.”

Fun Fact March 31, 2020.