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Fun Fact March 4, 2020

4 March 2020

Today I’ll give you the whole nine yards, but what does that even mean?  The whole nine yards, or the full nine yards, is an American English saying meaning Everything, the whole lot or as an adjective all the way.  Although Its origin remains unknown, Yale University librarian Fred R. Shapiro describes the origin of the saying as “the most prominent etymological riddle of our time”.  Many of the popular candidates relate to the length of pieces of fabric, or various garment.   One explanation is that World War II aircraft machine gun belts were nine yards long, one proposed origin involves the world of full-riggeg sailing ships, in which yard is used not as a measure of length or size, but as the name of each horizontal spar on which a sail is hung.  Again no actual documentation has been uncovered to support any of these explanations.  Other phrases to use include whole hog, enchilada, ball of wax, shooting match or shebang.

Fun Fact March 4, 2020