A bit of hollering and whooping today.  The American Whooping crane is the tallest bird in North America, standing between four and five feet tall. Adult Whooping cranes are white with a red crest on top of their heads.  Their wing span is between six and seven feet and the black feathers on the end of the wings are only visible when the bird flies.  Their call can be heard for several miles.  They nearly became extinct due to unregulated hunting.  There were only 21 wild and two captive cranes left in 1941.  Through conservation efforts there are now about 800 wild American Whooping cranes.  The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, on San Antonio Bay in Texas, is the winter home of the only flock of North America Whooping cranes.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Fun Fact March 4, 2022.