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Fun Fact March 8, 2021.

8 March 2021

The Oprah interview of Megan and Harry got me thinking about the Royals, not long mind you, but curious none the less.  I did not watch the interview, but I did a quick Google search to see what the line of succession actually is.  After the Queen, Charles, Prince of Wales becomes king.  After him, his eldest son William, Duke of Cambridge, moves to the throne.  After William, his oldest son, Prince George of Cambridge moves up.  If George has a son, he will be next in line.  Harry, Megan, their son Archie and a player to be named later are, well to use a British phrase, right out.  After that interview I’m not sure they’ll be welcome back in Britain at all.  I wouldn’t worry too much about them though, I think they are going to be okay, after all their combined net worth is estimated to be around fifty million dollars.

Fun Fact March 8, 2021.