Tool time Tuesday and today we’re splitting some firewood.  Over the weekend the family gathered at my in-laws house to split and stack some firewood.  My father in-law has a hydraulic splitter that makes the task a lot easier.  A five horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine spins a pump that creates pressure with hydraulic oil.  The pressurized oil is routed to a valve that the operator can push down to send the splitting wedge into and through a block of wood.  Push the handle up and the wedge moves up so you can reposition the block or put in the next to be split.  Even blocks with limbs and twisted grain are no match for the 27 ton force of the splitter.  Burning wood heats you up several times before you add it to your stove or fireplace.  Once when you gather it, once when you split it, once when you stack it and once when you fill your wood box.  Listen to the podcast here;