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Fun Fact May 19, 2020.

19 May 2020

Women have better taste than men.  All the men say “no way” and all the ladies are saying “no duh.”  When I say taste, I mean the sense of taste.  According to Health dot com research from Yale University found that women have more taste buds on their tongues.  About 35% of women and only 15% of men can call themselves “supertasters,” which means they identify flavors such as bitter, sweet, and sour more strongly than others.  Also of note: Women of childbearing age taste flavors more intensely than younger or older females, and they may also notice increased sensitivity during pregnancy.  Actually, if you look at all the senses women tend out do men primarily because you ladies are more focused on tasks and are much better, in general, at multitasking.  Don’t worry guys, we can still grunt better than the girls.

Fun Fact May 19, 2020.