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Fun Fact May 21, 2020

21 May 2020

Covid 19, murder hornets, Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber got nothing on raining fish!  Once a year, in the Honduran city of Yoro, it rains live fish in a weather event known as Lluvia de Peces or Rain of Fish. In the months of May or June, each year a large storm rolls through the town with very heavy rain, and once the storm has passed, living fish can be found on the streets. This phenomenon was confirmed by a National Geographic team in the 1970s but whether ot not the fish are literally raining from the sky is still unknown. Some scientist think the fish could be carried in waterspouts or water tornadoes which then drops the fish as the storm loses energy over land.  So what sort of umbrella would one use in that sort of storm?  Maybe just a net?

Fun Fact May 21, 2020