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  • Fun Fact May 27, 2020.

Fun Fact May 27, 2020.

27 May 2020

Some say the Covid19 stuff is a bunch of malarkey.  We’re not going to talk about Covid19, we’re talking about malarkey!  According to Merriam Webster the word means insincere or foolish talk.  The origin of the word malarkey is not known but may have it’s roots in Greek word malakia, which means various things including diocy, stupidity or nonsense.  The word was popularized by the Irish-American cartoonist Thomas Aloysisus “Tad” Dorgan who started using it in cartoons on March 9, 1922.  Some other words to use in place of malarkey are applesauce, boloney, fiddle faddle or fudge.  Great, now I’m hungry

Fun Fact May 27, 2020.