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  • Fun Fact May 29, 2020.

Fun Fact May 29, 2020.

29 May 2020

There are lots of phobias.  People are afraid of some of the strangest things.  For instance, do you have Cenosillicaphobia?  That is the fear of an empty glass. Let’s break it down. Ceno comes from the Greek word kenos, which means empty. Sillica, which we can also assume was meant to be spelled silica refers to quartz, or in this case is intended to mean glass. Lastly, is phobia, which simply means the fear of.  This phobia can pertain to glasses lacking in beer, wine, or a cocktail. Many avid American drinkers suffer from this particularly cruel fear.  Though the term may not be listed in your traditional Webster’s dictionary, has a somewhat questionable origin, and is not deemed a legitimate health condition by Google, it has certainly taken off on the Internet thanks to Urban Dictionary, and a countless number of online forums. Some mentions of Cenosillicaphobia date back over a decade to 2008.

Fun Fact May 29, 2020.