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Fun Fact November 12, 2020.

12 November 2020

Andrew Ellicott was on a ship off the Florida Keys on this date in 1799 when he witnessed something amazing. According to History Dot com Ellicott was an armature astronomer and he wrote in his journal the “whole heaven appeared as if illuminated with sky rockets, flying in an infinity of directions, and I was in constant expectation of some of them falling on the vessel. They continued until put out by the light of the sun after day break.”  Ellicott’s journal entry was the first known record of a meteor shower to be witnessed in North America.  The meteor shower he watched was the Leonid Meteor Shower sparked by the return of the Tempel-Tuttle comet, which happens about every 33 years.  When the comet returns, the Leonids can produce several thousand meteors per hour.  In case you’re wondering, the next return of the Tempel-Tuttle comet will be in 2031.

Fun Fact November 12, 2020.