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  • Fun Fact November 13, 2020.

Fun Fact November 13, 2020.

13 November 2020

I like books, but I’m certainly not a biblioklept.  This is another on the long list of weird words.  If you are a biblioklept you steal books.  That’s it.  You’ll probably never hear the word used because it’s easier just to say book thief.  After all, book thief is two syllables shorter than biblioklept.  Biblio means book and klept is from the Greek kleptes meaning thief.  Think of kleptomania.  The first use of the word appears in the 1880’s and one historian calls it “a modern euphemism which softens the ugly word book-thief by shrouding it in the mystery of the Greek language.”  From a previous Fun Fact, the book most stolen by biblioklepts is the Bible.

Fun Fact November 13, 2020.