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  • Fun Fact November 16, 2020.

Fun Fact November 16, 2020.

16 November 2020

Today a memory from my childhood; Stone Soup.  I remember fondly my mother reading me this fable to me on many occasions.  I can remember the artwork from the book as she flipped the pages.  This version isn’t the same, but the message is.  Once upon a time a soldier happened into a small village.  When he arrived nearly the whole town came out to meet him.  Weary from his travels he asked if it would be possible to get something to eat and perhaps a place to lay his head for the evening.  One villager spoke up, saying they had little food and there was no place for him to stay.  Hearing this, the soldier nodded and said he understood but asked if they would mind if he just rested a bit and boiled up a pot of stone soup.  Having never heard of it, someone ask “what exactly is stone soup?”  The soldier took out a large cooking pot, filled it with water and set it on a fire.  “Stone Soup” he said ” is a traditional meal where I come from.  It’s a pretty simple recipe, just water and this stone.”  As he said that he pulled a gray stone from his pack and placed it in the pot.  The villagers looked at each other, some laughing, some puzzled, but all curious.  Was this some sort of magic stone that would turn the now boiling water into soup?  As they looked on, the soldier said “you know, stone soup is a bit better if you add cabbage.”  One villager spoke up and said, “I think I have a cabbage” and ran off to get it.  When he returned the soldier cut the cabbage up into the pot and gave it a stir.  As he stirred he said “I remember one time I added some beef.  That really made the stone soup tasty.”  The butcher spoke up and said “I may have some beef scraps back in my shop” and off he ran.  When he returned, he added the beef scraps to the soup.  As the soldier continued to stir the smell of the soup was wafting around the village.  He looked into the pot and said “it’s a shame we don’t have some carrots and other vegetables to add a bit of color to the stone soup.”  Several people left and returned quickly with carrots, celery, peas and even a couple of green peppers.  They all worked to slice up the vegetables as the soldier continued to stir.  When it was all finished the soldier told everyone to get a bowl and spoon and one by one he gave each a share of the stone soup.  Several loaves of bread also mysteriously appeared.  That night everyone in the village went to bed with a stomach full of stone soup.  None of us has everything, but each of us have something.  Every can, every dollar, every box and every hour donated to Camping For Hunger will help our village not go to bed hungry.      

Fun Fact November 16, 2020.

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