Winter is coming and that’s a bad thing if you are cryophobic.  Cryophobia is the fear of the cold, or cold things.  Cryo is a combination form meaning icy cold or frost.  You may have heard of cryogenics.  A similar phobia is frigophobia.  Fridge from the Latin word for cold, frigus.  Here in the US   frigophobia is virtually nonexistent. While still rare in other countries, it seems to be a culturally-related phobia in Chinese populations in Asia.  Whether cryophobic or frigophobic, winter is not your favorite time of year and you may even have a aversion to cold things or even cold food.  I wonder if that includes ice cream.  I don’t think I could be a frigophobic, I love ice cream.  Listen to the podcast here;

Fun Fact November 17, 2021.