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  • Fun Fact November 18, 2020.

Fun Fact November 18, 2020.

18 November 2020

Are you going to eat that?  People call some weird things food.  Have you ever tried frog legs?  They say it tastes like, and has the texture of, chicken.  How about crocodile?  Next time you’re in Cambodia you must try the Crocodile Amok.  It’s sort of a curry soup and guess what; it tastes like chicken.  How about fried bugs?  In Thailand the markets are full of vendors offering various types of insect snacks.  From crickets and grasshoppers to, lets say, larger bugs.  I’ll let your imagination take over.  Reports are that fried insects do not taste like chicken, but more like mixed nuts, complete with the crunch.  Speaking of crunchy snacks, what about chocolate covered ants?  Would you or have you ever tried those?  There are others, but in the interest of not spoiling your appetite, I’ll leave them for you to research. By the way, the weirdest food I’ve ever eaten is turtle, and yes, it tasted like fishy chicken, or at least that’s what I told myself.  We’re not looking for weird foods on the Camping For Hunger bus, but we are looking for, and counting on, you to make your donations, either in person at 1106 Elm Street, Front Royal or online at The River 95-3 dot com.

Fun Fact November 18, 2020.