A bit of hyperbole today.  You’ve probably heard, and may have even said, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”  The idiom dates back to the 1700’s and the origin is not clear.  You can interpret it in a couple of ways.  One is that you could actually eat an entire horse, which of course is impossible.  Another is that you could eat the rear end of a horse, again not likely.  The fact that you’d eat any part of a horse is doubtful, not to mention frowned upon by Western culture. The phrase basically means you are very hungry.  There are a lot of people in our neighborhoods who are hungry, maybe even hungry enough to eat a horse.  You can help.  We’re not asking you to bring a horse, or any part of one, to the Camping For Hunger bus, but we would appreciate a nonperishable or monetary donation.  The bus is parked at 1106 Elm Street in Front Royal or you can make a safe and secure donation at The River 95-3 dot com.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/