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  • Fun Fact November 20, 2020.

Fun Fact November 20, 2020.

20 November 2020

Another fun word today!  Have you ever experienced largesse?  I’m not talking about size, at least not physical size.  A largesse is simply a donation.  Alms, assistance, benefaction, contribution, offering or a helping hand.  Your largesse can come in various forms.  Material goods, like nonperishable foods, monetary gifts or even your time.  For twelve years The River 95-3 has counted on your largesse to help our neighbors in need.  This year, more than ever before, your donation to Camping For Hunger is vital.  Please make an in person donation at 1106 Elm Street, Front Royal.  You can also donate online at The River 95-3 dot com or mail your gift cards or checks directly to C-CAP of Front Royal/Warren County at 316 N. Royal Avenue.  Thank you for anything and everything you largesse.   

Fun Fact November 20, 2020.