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  • Fun Fact November 24, 2020.

Fun Fact November 24, 2020.

24 November 2020

Are you a ne’er-do-well?  In yesterday’s Fun Fact I  used this term, but I realized that perhaps some may not know exactly what a ne’er-do-well is.  Basically, to say someone is a ne’er-do-well, you are calling a person a bum, derelict, do-nothing, good-for-nothing, no-account, no-good, no-goodnik, slacker and or vagrant.  The word has Scottish origins and was first printed in Allan Ramsay’s A collection of Scots proverbs in 1737.  The rough translation from the book is some have many faults, but you are only a ne’er-do-well.  The word ne’er is the shorten version of never, so when you ask the question how often does a ne’er-do-well do something worth while?  The answer is never.

Fun Fact November 24, 2020.