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  • Fun Fact November 25, 2020.

Fun Fact November 25, 2020.

25 November 2020

It was the storm of the century and it happened on this date in 1950.  Gail force winds, record low and high temperatures and record amounts of snow blanked the East coast of the United States from North Carolina to New England.  The storm, known as the Appalachian Storm, dumped 30″ of snow in Pittsburg, more, measured in feet, in parts of West Virginia, making travel impossible.  A record low temperature of minus 26 degrees was observed at Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, while in Buffalo New York there was no snow and a record high temperature of 50 degrees. At Bear Mountain, just north of New York City, a record wind gust of 140 miles per hour was observed and a 94 mile per hour gust was clocked in New York City.   The extreme weather was deemed responsible for the loss of 160 lives over several days.

Fun Fact November 25, 2020.