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Fun Fact November 30, 2020.

30 November 2020

Today we’ll break the ice.  When I was a kid, in PA, we’d often walk to a nearby pond and do a bit of ice skating.  In that circumstance, we certainly did not want to break the ice, at least not literally.  If you were first to get your skates on and glide onto the ice than you broke the ice by being the first one to skate. If you’re in a social situation, you may want someone to break the ice by starting a conversation, being the first in line at the buffet or the first to shake a leg on the dance floor.  Hmmm, we may use shake a leg in a future fun fact.  The idiom dates back to a poem called Hudibras by Samuel Butler in 1663 with the line “the orator, at last, broke the silence and the ice.” 

Fun Fact November 30, 2020.