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  • Fun Fact November 9, 2020.

Fun Fact November 9, 2020.

9 November 2020

It’s a cartoon staple and something found in many workshops, especially a shop that works with metal.  I’m talking about the anvil.   Anvils were first made of stone, then bronze, and later wrought iron. As steel became more readily available, anvils were faced with it. This was done to give the anvil a hard face and to stop the anvil from deforming from impact. Many regional styles of anvils evolved through time from the simple block that was first used by metal smiths. The majority of anvils found today in the US are based on the London pattern anvil of the mid-19th century.  Most London pattern anvils have a hardie hole which held the hardie tool.  Hardie tools have a square shaft that fits in the hardie hole and provides an upright surface to shape or cut hot metal.  There are many shapes and sizes of hardie tools depending on what you need to do with your hot steel.

Fun Fact November 9, 2020.