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  • Fun Fact October 12, 2020.

Fun Fact October 12, 2020.

12 October 2020

Today’s fun fact is scrumptious!  What was the last thing you described as scrumptious?  We find the first use of the word in 1830.  It is a mouth-watering word that is used to describe what is delightful and delectable. You can use it for food, a view, a fragrance or even a person.  Basically you can use it for anything that is pleasing to any of the five senses.  It probably originated as an alteration of sumptuous which is derived from the Latin verb sumere, meaning to take or spend.  You may remember scrumdiddylyumtious, the word Willy Wonka used to describe his best selling treats in the 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Fun Fact October 12, 2020.