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Fun Fact October 14, 2020.

14 October 2020

How about an idiom or two today?  I’ve spanned the globe and found a couple of odd idioms.  First, from Germany, it’s a clear as dumpling broth.  If you’ve ever made dumplings you know the broth isn’t clear at all.  So the meaning here, to put it in English is as clear as mud.  In China if you embellish a story or brag about an event you were involve in you’d be inflating a cow.  The language of the Cheyenne Indians is very interesting but also endangered.  There are only about a thousand living speakers, mostly on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.  In Cheyenne to find out if someone is still with their spouse you would ask  Mónésó’táhoenôtse kosa? Which literally means are you still riding the goat?  Not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole.

Fun Fact October 14, 2020.