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  • Fun Fact October 15, 2020.

Fun Fact October 15, 2020.

15 October 2020

Some feline fun facts today.  Just let me say for the record, I’m not a cat person.  I can tolerate them, much the same way they tolerate us humans. Apparently I’m in the minority.  There are about 88 million pet cats in the United States, which makes them the most popular pet in the country.  Did you know that cats don’t meow to communicate with each other?  Nope, they meow to get the attention of their human and can have over one hundred vocalizations.  Cats can’t taste things that are sweet.  They don’t have sweet taste buds.  Cats can jump five times their height.  No counter is safe if they decide they want to see what’s up there. When your cat shows their belly, it is a sign of trust and a relaxed cat. This is not an invitation for you to rub their belly, typically, which is why they attack you when you do.  And keep this in mind as you are falling asleep tonight; a house cat is genetically 95.6% tiger.

Fun Fact October 15, 2020.