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Fun Fact October 2, 2020.

2 October 2020

Today is ten two.  In radio jargon, ten two means the signal is strong or you’re receiving the message loud and clear, ten four?  That means ok, or I understand.  The ten code was developed in 1937 by Charles “Charlie” Hopper who was the communications director with the Illinois State Police, district ten.  Initially developed for a couple of reasons.  First, Early radios had a slight delay as the dynamotor, that powered the vacuum tubes, came up to full speed.  It took up to a quarter of a second for the dynamotor to spin up to speed.  Saying “ten” before you started talking gave the motor the time it needed.  The second reason was to standardize and abbreviate common phrases to cut down on the time it took to send a message.  Developed primarily for police, the ten codes were adapted by the general public for use in citizens band radios.  In 2006 the Federal Government recommended the use of everyday language rather than the ten codes, which had drifted from one standard.  Oh my, look at the 10-36.  I’m 10-10 at my 10-20.  Excuse me I need a 10-100.

Fun Fact October 2, 2020.