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  • Fun Fact October 22, 2020.

Fun Fact October 22, 2020.

22 October 2020

I hope you won’t find today’s fun fact argle-bargle.  It’s an election year so you’ve no doubt experienced argle-bargle, or copious but meaningless amounts of talk or writing.  It originates from the Scottish argy-bargy an even sillier expression, which, according to Meriam Webster, means a “lively discussion.” the fun phrase “argle bargle,” first appeared as early as 1808 in Jamieson’s Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Tongue. Both phrases most likely are an alteration of the word argue.  According to linguist Ben Zimmer both argle-bargle and argy-bargy are formed by what’s known as rhyming reduplication, meaning a word formation process where some part of the first word is repeated in the second word.  The Scots have lots of phrases that use reduplication, notes Zimmer.  Some say argle-bargle is okie dokie while others may find it mumbo jumbo.  See what I did there?

Fun Fact October 22, 2020.