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  • Fun Fact October 26, 2020.

Fun Fact October 26, 2020.

26 October 2020

Today another interesting word; fudgel.  I think there is a lot of this going on in most places of business and even around the home.  When one fudgels one is pretending to work when you’re actually not working at all.  Sort of like sleeping with your eyes open.  The term in not new, as a matter of fact it has it’s origin in the 18th century.  Although there aren’t any dictionary entries for the word and the exact origin of the word is not known, I think I can safely say that the common folk in the 1700’s weren’t the ones fudgelling.  That was an activity, or non activity, for the muckety-mucks.  In today’s office you can plainly tell when someone is fudgelling.  They are the person who is intently staring at their computer screen, pretending to concentrate on an oh so important email, or document full of fun facts.

Fun Fact October 26, 2020.