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Fun Fact October 30, 2020.

30 October 2020

Is there an elephant in the room?  I’m sure you’ve heard this idiom before.  It’s a way of saying that there is something obvious, a huge problem or situation that no one wants to talk about.  This saying has it’s origins in a page long fable by Ivan Krylov in 1814 called The Inquisitive Man.  In the story a man visits a museum and remembers seeing the many small animals but fails to mention the elephant that was also on display.  An elephant isn’t the only animal that can be used, you may also ignore the 900 pound gorilla or be like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand to avoid discussing or facing the problem.  If it’s really obvious the animal be pink, and may enter a specific room, making it even harder to ignore or overlook.  By the way, an ostrich doesn’t really bury it’s head in the sand, but that’s another story and perhaps the subject of a future fun fact.

Fun Fact October 30, 2020.