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Fun Fact September 1, 2020.

1 September 2020

It’s September.  Earth Wind and Fire did a song about the month.  The Happenings were hopeful in their song, “See You In September” looking forward to the start of a new school year and seeing friends.  This is the ninth month, one of four months with only 30 days.  The word September is from the Latin septem, meaning seven, because in the oldest of Roman calendars it was the seventh of ten months.  Once January and February were added to the beginning of the year it moved to it’s current position but kept it’s name.  The birthstone for the month is sapphire, the flowers is the Forget Me Not, Morning Glory and the Aster. There are two astrological signs in the month;  Virgo until the 22nd and Libra after that.  Oh yeah, it’s also the month for the autumnal equinox which ushers in Fall.  This year it will be on the 21st, but it can be as late as the 24th.

Fun Fact September 1, 2020.