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Fun Fact September 10, 2020.

10 September 2020

Owls don’t have eyeballs.  Their eyes are more like tubes.  They are held in place by bony rings in the skull and because of that they can’t really move or roll their eyes.  Instead, they have the ability to move their heads almost 360 degrees.  Because their eyes face forward, they have binocular vision, like us, giving them the ability to judge height, weight and distance.  They also have extraordinary night vision and  farsightedness.  That means they can see things at a distance, but can’t see things up close.  Because of this they use small feathers on their beaks and feet to feel their food.  Lastly, an owl has three eye lids.  One for blinking, one for sleeping and one to protect their unique peepers.  There are about 250 different species of owls.  Who you going to share this fun fact with?

Fun Fact September 10, 2020.