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  • Fun Fact September 14, 2020.

Fun Fact September 14, 2020.

14 September 2020

It’s Monday and hopefully you won’t find yourself in a quagmire.  According to dictionary dot com the word was first used in 1579.  There are few ways to use the word.  Most common is to describe an area of ground whose surface yields when you walk on it.  Think of a bog or swamp.  Another use is to describe a situation that is very difficult to get out of.  The Vietnam war was described as a quagmire in a book by David Halberstam, “The Making Of A Quagmire” in 1965. Yet another describes anything that is soft and flabby.  If you’re a fan of Family Guy, this may apply to the character Glenn Quagmire, created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane.  MacFarlane says the characters voice is based on radio and television ad men from the late 40’s and 50’s.

Fun Fact September 14, 2020.