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Fun Fact September 16, 2020.

16 September 2020

So are these fun facts worth a dime a dozen?  If so, then I need to do a better job at researching and presenting them.  To say something is a dime a dozen basically means that it is cheap, abundant and easily acquired.  The phrase had it’s origin in the United States in the 1800’s.  The first dime was minted in 1796.  Many newspaper advertisements from that time period offered products for a dime, including a dozen eggs.  In other words, eggs were a dime a dozen.  The figuritive meaning of the phrase came into being in the 1930’s when it was used in several articles, one of which in the Sandusky Register which read;  “Smiles were a dime a dozen in the Yankee clubhouse. Even Colonel Ruppert, owner of the club, was so stated he went from player to player shaking hands.”   That was the  year the Yankees beat the New York Giants four games to one to win the World Series.

Fun Fact September 16, 2020.