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  • Fun Fact September 18, 2020.

Fun Fact September 18, 2020.

18 September 2020

How about a few pachyderm fun facts today, in particular the elephant.  A pachyderm describes any large mammal with thick skin, like the elephant, rhinoceroses or hippopotamus.  You may have learned that there are two species of elephant; the Asian and the African.  Scientists recently broke the African elephant into two separate species., so now we have three.  Elephants are the largest mammals on earth.  They have a unique trunk that they use to eat, communicate, touch, smell and pick up objects.  An elephant can’t jump, even at the site of a mouse, which by the way, an elephant isn’t necessarily afraid of mice.  It’s more the element of surprise that startles them.  Both male and female elephants grow tusks.  Elephants are covered with coarse hair.  An elephant is constantly eating and they can smell water from up to three miles away.  The brain of an elephant weighs in at about ten and a half pounds.  And, yes, an elephant has an incredible memory.

Fun Fact September 18, 2020.