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  • Fun Fact September 28, 2020.

Fun Fact September 28, 2020.

28 September 2020

We’ll get to today’s fun fact toot sweet!  Have you ever heard that saying?  Do something toot sweet?  It means to do something without delay, quickly or at once.  The phrase came to be during the first World War when American soldiers were sent overseas to mingle with foreign allies.   Toot sweet is a mangled version of the French phrase, tout de suite, which means immediately or right away. Few American soldiers could speak French so it was only natural that they would pick up on and learn a few key phrases. The Americans brought the term home with them in the slang form, toot sweet. Some may have considered toot sweet a mockery of the French, but it is also as logical to assume it was a phrase that the Americans found useful, despite only hearing it and not being aware of how to spell it.  Today, most English speakers who use the term toot sweet are not aware of its origins.  Now you are.

Fun Fact September 28, 2020.