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Fun Fact September 3, 2020.

3 September 2020

Nursery rhymes, we all know and love them.  Most are fictional while some have a moral message and some, like the one about Mary and her lamb, are based on actual events.  Her name was Mary Sawyer and she lived in Sterling, Massachusetts.  Mary was nine years old and she did, in fact, have a little lamb.  Mary had nursed the lamb back to health, winning a life long friend. This lamb did follow her to school one day.  She tried to hide the little, fluffy critter in a basket under her desk but when she stood to answer a question the lamb began to squirm about and make noise. The teacher laughed, Mary was embarrassed and she took the lamb to a shed, where it spent the rest of the day. The event was witnessed by a young man named John Roulstone who is credited with writing the three stanza rhyme and presenting it to Mary the next day.  Roulstone tragically died his freshmen year at Harvard and the original text has long since been lost.

Fun Fact September 3, 2020.