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  • Fun Fact September 8, 2020.

Fun Fact September 8, 2020.

8 September 2020

There is a lot of this around today; gobbledygook.  It seems all these years I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly as goggledy goop, two words with a “p” on the end instead of one word with a “k” at the end.  Both mean the same thing;  wordy and generally unintelligible jargon.  According to cultures connection dot com The word was invented by Maury Maverick, a United States politician and was first used in 1944 when he gave a speech to qualify a text riddled with official jargon and particularly complicated sentence structures.  Go figure, a politician invented gobbledygook.  You can also use bafflegab, double-talk, gibberish, song and dance or rigmarole in place or instead of gobbledygook.

Fun Fact September 8, 2020.