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  • Fun Fact Thursday March 12, 2020.

Fun Fact Thursday March 12, 2020.

12 March 2020

You’ve heard that everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, but Ben Franklin had skeletons, real ones, in his basement!  During a 1998 renovation of Franklins London home multiple skeletons were found in the basement.  Nearly a dozen to be exact, including several children.  According to an article in The Guardian, “The most plausible explanation is not mass murder, but an anatomy school run by Benjamin Franklin’s young friend and protégé, William Hewson.”  But where did the bodies come from?  Most likely they were obtained by less than scrupulous “resurrection men” who would rob graves and deliver the bodies to Thames Warf at the bottom of the street.  Not to mention the weekly public executions that were carried out at the gallows on the other side of the garden wall of the property.

Fun Fact Thursday March 12, 2020.